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The Unik Beauty Pageant was a showcase of talent, beauty, and intelligence as contestants from various faculties of the university gathered to compete for the prestigious titles of Mr. and Mrs. Unik. The theme of the pageant was “Beauty with Brains,” and each contestant was judged not only on their physical beauty but also on their intelligence, personality, and talents.

After several rounds of intense competition, the judges made their decision. Joseph Mulindwa was crowned Mr. Unik, impressing the judges with his impeccable fashion sense, charming smile, and intelligence. The audience erupted in applause as he was announced the winner.

For the Mrs. Unik title, Amina Cathy Bulimanya emerged as the winner. She captivated the judges and audience with her stunning physical beauty and impressive intelligence. Her victory was met with thunderous applause, and she expressed her gratitude to her supporters and the judges.

Edgar Natumanya and Isabella Santa were named the first runners-up, wowing the judges and audience with their incredible stage performance and talent display. The judges commended them for their intelligence and confidence, and they eceived a standing ovation from the audience. Emilio Turyagumanawe and Praise Aijuka were named the second runners-up, impressing the judges with their captivating smile and excellent communication skills.

The Unik Beauty Pageant was a night to remember, celebrating the beauty and intelligence of the contestants. The winners and runners-up expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate and showcase their skills, and they encouraged other young people to embrace their unique qualities and pursue their dreams with confidence.

The theme of “Beauty with Brains” was evident throughout the competition, as each contestant demonstrated not only their physical beauty but also their intelligence and talent. The Unik Beauty Pageant was a reminder of the importance of education and intelligence, and how they can complement and enhance one’s physical beauty.